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The WORLD of COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL (WCFF) is an independent not-for-profit organization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The WCFF believes that comedy is best enjoyed when shared in a communal situation - so what better way to laugh your way through a dreary March day than by attending a film festival! Not only is a good laugh fun but it's also therapeutic, cathartic and can even help one reflect upon the deepest moral and societal beliefs of our lives. We love to laugh and we need to laugh - it brings joy, offers perspective and in this case, it at least gets us out of the house!


The mission of the World of Comedy Film Festival is to celebrate the artistry and power of the comedy film, and to foster the further development of comedy filmmaking in Canada.


To provide a chance to see works from the world's best emerging comedy filmmakers as well as classic comedy films - and maybe even kick start the careers of deserving Canadian and international stars of the-day-after-tomorrow

To provide programs that encourage appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the comedy film

To provide a forum for comedy filmmaking including professional development and an industry marketplace

Humour & Healing: The WCFF recognizes the proven physiological and psychological benefits of laughter in both relieving stress and in the healing process, and is developing outreach programs that bring comedy to those in difficult situations such as health care facilities.

Comedy films are as diverse as we are. Banana peels, urbane observations, social satire, romance - whatever makes you laugh the World of Comedy Film Festival has it all!

WHO we are

The World of Comedy Film Festival committees include the following distinguished industry professionals:


Carla Nolan - Founder and Director of The Humour Society and the World of Comedy Film Festival and an independent T.V. and film Producer.

Sonya Roberts

Alan Goodman


Patrick McKenna - Actor/Comedian ("Traders", "Duct Tape Forever", "The Red Green Show")

John May - Writer/Producer/Director (CBC, YTV, PBS)

Del Mehes - President, DEL M Productions Inc. Funding Research Services + application filings

Debbie Nightingale - The Nightingale Company - Producer, and founder of "Hot Docs" documentary film festival

Risa Shuman - Producer: TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movie"

Joanne Smale - Planet3 Communications

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